About Us

BUILD, GROW, NOURISH with us as we launch the planet’s first Terraculture-based Agri-City. Welcome to Terraculture Project. We are a non-profit organization created to promote a new way of living and growing food in harmony with our Earth by duplicating nature’s perfectly efficient process.

We asked the question “How do we raise the standard of living for all people of our planet while protecting our finite resources and improving the quality life?”

Our current standard of living is exhausting all of us. Stress, poor health, mental disturbances, institutionalized education and child-care, increased suicide, social unrest and fear. We feel trapped by mortgage, debt and unfilled desires and passions. Our current standard has created a generation of waste, lack of regard for our over-utilization of natural resources, a polluted atmosphere and billions living in poverty without basic services such as clean water, shelter and proper sanitation.

Truly a global transformation is needed to first decrease and eventually eliminate

world hunger
global pollution

What can WE do? All of us TODAY?

Be a part of the Solution as we
BUILD, GROW, NOURISH. The three legs of sustainable communities.

JOIN this Utah based global iniative to build the planet’s first fully self-sustaining Terraculture Project Agri-City — a living, organic system of self-sustained food, energy, and housing. This will be a living example of responsible living, nurturing the both the earth and the souls of the community members. The terraculture built agri-city offers an attractive lifestyle alternative. A household consists of a small terraculture home and greenhouse situated on a two-acre parcel in the agri-city model. [picture]

You will be a part of a landmark movement to eliminate scarcity and supports personal growth.