Get Involved – A New Way of Living

Designed to:

  • insure food security and quality
  • create individual / family sovereignty
  • provide solutions for important social issues such as homelessness
  • protect the environment
  • assure a safe and healthy future

If you are ready to create this new possibility contact us NOW. 

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What is Needed —  

  • Young people ready to make a new life for themselves using primarily your time to create a sustainable future
  • A new brand of farming – Terraculture Growers
  • A return to the wisdom of our past – Terraculture Earth Builders
  • Philanthropists — dedicated to a more sustainable future
  • Interns – wanting a hands-on experience with sustainable living
  • Marketing, Website and Social Media Interns
  • Grant Writers
  • Angel investors ready to support Free Energy Development 
  • Long-term Investors ready to capitalize on a new model of sustainable crop production
  • Community Partners ready to be a part of a sustainable and replicable  social change–
    — Solutions for homelessness
    — Recovery and transition living
    — Local Food Production reducing or eliminating reliance on food imports 
  •  Environmentalists ready to DO something to change our impact on our Earth

How to be a part… 


Watch our social media pages for announcements on upcoming work weekend retreats, educational workshops, meet & greet gatherings, and internship opportunities.

Community Member/Owner

Become a community member/owner in an agricultural co-op community where you can live in harmony with the earth and with other like-minded members. Please contact us for information regarding community developments where we are participating.

Associate Member  

As an associate member you will receive many of the benefits of the member/owner, living and working in a shared housing accommodation while learning skills and trades in the community environment.  As you contribute to the building of the community, you gain credit toward eventual ownership if that is your goal. You may participate in a profit sharing/crop share business agreement in trade for your work hours in designated projects and greenhouse operations.  You will gain valuable hands-on experience and education in the methods for sustainable building and growing.  

Organization Partner

Your charitable donations, both materials and financial are fully tax-exempt through our 501c3 non-profit organization.  We seek to create alliances with like-minded private and public organizations in furtherance of our individual and shared humanitarian missions.